Friday, November 4, 2011



Having coffee in a Melbourne laneway on a cold winter's morning, shopping & (Nicole) drinking iced tea on a sunny day off, ciders (or good German lager) at the pub on a Friday night after a hard week: sums up my favourite drinks in my favourite places.
I had a very full-on week, trying to finish my most challenging assignment to date; creating my very own font (might post the finished product later but can't stand looking at it at the moment...or in the near future).Tonight was one of those nights where I was really craving a drink -in a non-alcoholic kind of way- even if the pub's cider selection was limited to 5 Seeds. I've got to say that the only difference I can tell between the new 'cloudy' 5 Seeds and the original is that the cloudy version looks more...well, cloudy. To me, they taste pretty much exactly the same.
Two more assignments then hello, 3+ month break! I'm in the process of neatening up the blog a bit (changed header, making all images roughly the same size) and will definitely start posting a lot more in the holidays, hopefully heaps more food-related things. Stay tuned!

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