Sunday, September 14, 2014


"The mountains are calling and I must go" - John Muir 
I was craving the feeling of being above the world, looking across and down at snow-covered mountain tops - an addiction I developed in Austria and don't get to satisfy very often in Australia (perhaps briefly in Tassie). Man it was good to get out of cities and into beautiful nature at Whistler. I didn't like some things, like the amount of party-Aussies there (even in summer) or how obviously it was a rich people-only (seemingly) resort town. It was beautiful, bright weather though and up the mountain we didn't come across many people.
I met someone at a shoot I assisted on months prior in Australia, who very kindly organised Noora & I a treehouse cabin in a beautiful, quiet part of Whistler. It was perfect, after having travelled for more than a month at this point, sleeping on strangers' couches, it was nice to be by ourselves again and have some routine. We'd wake up early every morning, take the gondola up one of the mountains, have a coffee at the station and spend most of the day doing hikes, then return to the cabin & listen to the radio or read or just have a beer and talk - those things you do when there's no internet, TV or shops around. :)

I'm quite self-conscious about what I post here which partly explains why it's been sop long between posts - I wrote a long one about Montreal a while ago but it seemed so silly and first world (all about the wonderful cafes and quirky shops and markets) that I didn't post it. So much has been happening in my life this past month! I finally made the move from the suburbs to inner Sydney. It was (still is) a shock to my bank account, but no regrets! I'm loving my new lifestyle - that I can bike ride anywhere I need to be, am so close to the water & am not spending hours every week on a train! There's so many places to still discover in my new area. I also started a new 2 day/ week job for something I actually studied for! How nice it is to be out of hospitality and have my Friday and Saturday evenings again, and a bonus that it's a job to do with things I'm interested anyway. I'm trying to time-manage reallyyy well as the due date of my honours project draws closer (but enjoying the process) and I'm excited for all the possibilities after I finish uni!