Friday, November 23, 2012


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Photos by Nicol Mouton

I had a Mexican-themed party last Saturday night to celebrate my 21st - I have no real sentimental connection to Mexico but I've become more and more addicted to Mexican food over the past year, plus favourite places to eat like El Loco and Beach Burrito inspired me that Mexican would be a fun party theme. It was.
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I was also very happy to be gifted a copy of Kinfolk after all its internet hype, a beautiful book about the Greek Islands to get me excited for Summer 2013 in Europe, and a new iPhone! With its much better photo-quality than my old 3GS, I couldn't resist, I'm on Instagram again! @m4dlol .

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I turned 21 on the weekend. On Saturday night I had a big party (more on that soon), and on Sunday afternoon a high tea.
These are two things I made for it:


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Monday, November 12, 2012


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Taken with Ilford 400 HP5 film

This is a series I shot for my photography subject on Cockatoo Island based loosely on the theme of industrial decay. This was my last semester doing film photography, in the next semester we move on to digital and studio photography, which I'm a little sad about because (in hindsight) I really enjoyed all those hours in the darkroom. There's a huge sense of satisfaction after perfecting a print with adjusting the time, contrast and dodging & burning time over and over again, trying not to think of all that extremely expensive photographic paper you're wasting. I learnt so much through doing these film classes which I don't think I would have been aware of if I just shot digital, and I'm quite happy with how my printing skills have improved over the year.


On a side note, I went to see Radiohead last night and it was AMAZING. I had goosebumps when they dragged a piano on stage and Thom Yorke's sweet sweet voice serenaded Pyramid Song to me.

Monday, November 5, 2012



This is part of a manifesto we recently had to come up with - tied loosely to the outcome of the report in my previous post. I don't love it, but I'm pretty happy with my improving digital tracing skills...

Handed in my last 2 assignments for the year today and freedom tastes so, so sweet.
Today in three months I'll be on my way to the Austrian Alps for a semester with a two-week stopover in Berlin. Eeeeh! For now though I'm happy with three months of summery nothingness ahead.

I'm really excited to post more + catch up on things I've been meaning to post but forgot to in my busyness. I'm also in the process of neatening this blog up a bit - changing things like the type (12pt was so default, amirite??!!) , adding a list of blogs I like (will be changing it now and then), profile page etc.