Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Clouds & light

Kanisfluh 2044m
One of the Bregenzerwald mountains I’ve always wanted to do, on a drizzly and misty day – hence only two photos. At the top we were in the middle of a cloud so had another completely white view. We were quite a big group and were still getting to know each other (new exchange students) when we did this, nothing like a hike to do that!

Hoher Fra├čen 1979m
With a group of 8 lovely boys I hiked through the clouds up to a mountain sitting above the town where I work. I really enjoyed getting to know the Montafon/ Oberland mountains more this year.

Gurtisspitze 1778m
I’ve tried to make the most of the Indian summer we’re currently having (it’s all coming to an end on Sunday when the snow is apparently coming for good) so last Wednesday I went for a mountain bike ride in the morning up to Hohe Kugel (1645m) and in the afternoon went for a hike with Wim, Michel & Taavi up to Gurtisspitze, on the border to Liechtenstein. I found out about the mountain by some Instagram photos of the view a couple of weeks prior. My legs were crying on the way up (especially after some failed attempts at “shortcuts”) but the view with the sun setting was magical.

I just did a clean-up of my SD card and found some memories (real camera photos for a change!) of some more really nice hikes from the late summer. Sorry for the silence on here of late (it’s a new record I think, which is not a good thing). I feel like I’ve done so much since my last post that it’s too much to even try include everything on this blog. I’ll try to catch up.
Life is particularly good at the moment and I think that when everything is going so well, I’m less likely to blog. I’m excited for what 24 will bring. The past year has gone really fast but has been so good.