Sunday, March 8, 2015

Following Anna

I have two new housemates in Austria, both called Anna. One is an architect from Germany and the other a social worker from the other side of the mountains where I live, not far. On Saturday my class was cancelled (Masters means I usually have class when other people are free, like Friday evenings). In the morning I cycled over the border into Switzerland and went up some small mountains, someone in class mentioned that the roads there are good and empty - they were. In the afternoon the Annas, Natasa (from Slovenia) and I hiked up the 'local mountain' and had coffee and strudel at the restaurant at the top. The path down was very slippery but it felt magical walking through the trees in such pretty light. In the evening we made k√§sspatzle, my favourite Austrian food (I think). Today I went skiing (16 degrees Celsius, practically summer here!) and tomorrow it's my first day at my new 2 day/ week job, eek.