Thursday, November 20, 2014


And breathe.
I feel like my life has completely changed over the past 3 months. In a very good way. When I've asked friends who I haven't seen in a while what they've been doing and they answer "not much" I find it hard to believe - how can so much change in one person's world but not another's? 
The glaringly obvious change is that I've now finished uni (in Australia…), that I've been settling into a new house, a new job and a new church. So much else though, so many little things that I guess would never have happened if I hand't moved physical locations. My whole schedule has changed because living in the city has allowed me to cycle regularly groups, and I've seriously fallen in love with it! Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon-phase of road riding but I love the adrenaline rush and the camaraderie with fellow riders. Going for a very early ride and watching the sun rise over the ocean puts me into a good state of of mind for the rest of the day (until I start crashing again around 9pm…). I wrote a really 'down' post earlier this year after my heel injury, and I'm truly thankful for this unexpected silver lining.
New friendships. Meaningful ones. A support circle and the feeling of genuine care and love.
Realising I've become so much more sure of myself, my faith and being comfortable in my own skin this year. A really awful thing happened a few weeks back but I think I'm coping okay, and I'm going to take that as a sign of becoming more resilient. Maybe I'll make a zine about it these holidays.
Oh yeah, I'm another year older! I think my perception of age has also changed though, and I no longer feel like I need to ask someone's age straight away and then write-off potential friendships if they aren't within a few years of me. 
I'm excited for what I think the next couple of years might have in store, for now I'll  be putting more effort into writing more on here. I've missed it.

PS. These ^ are some shots from my major project. Have a look at  more here, at my and my colleagues' work here, and at some of my other stuff here. I'm currently available for freelance work, projects and collaborations for anything to do with design, linoprinting or photography - I would love if you or anyone you might know want to get in touch!