Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mobile, but not forgotten

Have been thinking A LOT (several months it seems) about whether I want to upload mobile photos on here or not, but at the risk of letting this blog die off completely, here are some miscellaneous iphone photos from late Autumn until now (minus 3 wonderful weeks in Australia - possibly still to come).

Autumn was a lot of fun - beer festivals, squeezing in as many hikes as possible including an overnight one on a mountain, bike riding until past sunset (road as well as dabbling in mountain biking), parties, and generally enjoying life until the semester got too busy.

Winter came somewhat suddenly, then left, then came again, and at the moment it seems to be making up its mind whether to stay or not. At least it's mostly been one of two extremes - either very snowy or very sunny. To celebrate the first snow, we went on a snow hike through extremely heavy snowfall. I also went on a memorable bike ride on a closed road which ended up being much more icy than expected, but awesome.

I love Vorarlberg huts/ houses.

A big change I've made over the past year is to explore different places when running. I used to just concentrate on clocking up km's, but running has gotten infinitely better by getting off residential streets and up into the hills/ mountains. I'm more or less going grandma-pace up the hills, and not going as far as I might otherwise, but the views, sunsets and new places I've discovered is a fine compromise. 

Skiing season is here! I've enjoyed getting out on my too-long-for-me, 20 euro skis. It's not just skiing itself which I love; it's the whole day I get to spend in the mountains, in (mostly) good weather with excellent company.
Speaking of excellent company: I had to farewell "the other Maddie" today, after she hung out in Vorarlberg with me for a year. I'm so sad she's left, but also thankful for the amazing friend she's been this past year - it would have been very different without her company.

I'm excited for the next semester/ year: writing a master thesis, doing a big project, lots of trips planned, lots of cycling, running and hiking. The thought of its potential busyness is already quite intimidating, but (perhaps after one more week off) I feel ready to tackle it.