Monday, February 23, 2015


A very excited train trip from Munich airport. "Can you believe it? Look at that light! Ahh it's so beautiful! See the houses, see the mountains!"

Finally arriving at that lake. Final train change into Austria.

Resuming the same Saturday morning market ritual (until I start having classes on Saturdays).

Going to the tiny mountain town of Ebnit (population 100), seeing old friends again, eating cake, drinking hot chocolate & schnapps, watching 'Funken' (an old tradition to make a huge bonfire and scare away winter).

This morning's run before I started my first day of Masters (so much intense German. Have to get used to this!)

A love note on a tree on the mountain. I hope she saw it.

That morning blue hue that my iPhone camera evidently struggles with.

And so, I'm back in this corner of the world. It feels good.