Friday, May 11, 2012


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Series of design magazine covers. The task was to decide on a name for a magazine, design a masthead and generate original imagery for a Typography, Colour and Technology Issue.  My rationale explains it better than I can right now:

" ‘Reverie’ means to daydream, and through the masthead I tried to communicate a feeling of movement and flow, as if daydreaming. The idea of my magazine was to present something that designers would want to look at in their free time; that introduces broader design thinking through a well & interestingly designed magazine. All three covers of my magazine somehow challenge the issue topic or article, the typography issue cover dealing with the ‘crystal goblet’ Beatrice Ward writes about, the colour issue with the Chromatic Diet article and the technology issue compelling the reader to view technology in a new way. I imagined the target reader to be a well-educated designer, and as a result of the aesthetic nature of the covers, it is a higher-end, slightly more expensive magazine, yet still feels down to earth with an off white, uncoated paper stock for the cover.  I think the fact that the cover images aren’t blatantly obvious in regards to the issue name is effective as it creates initial interest & curiosity, and then understanding after reading the feature article (how the broken glass relates to ‘The Typography Issue’, for example). In the covers, strong emphasis is placed on creating a series look, in order for Reverie to establish a strong brand. Through the fact that the masthead is always in the same position so that it forms a continuous line, both when facing upwards and on the spines, readers would feel more compelled to buy every issue in order to have a complete collection. However, every issue still looks fresh and exciting through considerably different imagery and the changing colour of the masthead, while still maintaining the Reverie branding. "

I'm actually quite happy with these covers, considering that I can still bear to look at these a few weeks after I handed it in (this is almost never the case with uni assignments). One day I can hopefully work in food magazine design (one can dream...).

And yes, I did hold a motherboard up against the sky and balanced my camera in the other hand.

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