Tuesday, December 25, 2012


nuts2 nuts1

Candied spiced almonds and cashews, exactly like what they sell at German Christmas markets, that I made and wrapped for Christmas presents.
I hope everyone is having a great Christmas, mine certainly has been. Tomorrow I'm off to Melbourne for a few days, then to Lismore/ Byron Bay for New Year's Eve + a few days. Please let me know of any must visit places (cafes, shops, sights) that you might know in either Melbourne or Byron!


  1. Melbourne!!!! I loved Hardware Society (recommendation from RK), cumulus inc, movida, mamasita and paco tacos (mexican) in the city, if you're there on a weekend go to Cibi in Collingwood for a Japanese breakfast, it's amazing, and also mixed business, which was the best meal I had in melbourne, an easy tram out from the city (about 20 mins I think) to a cafe that actually not reminds me a lot of cornersmith. They had gingerbread waffles!! and the granola was amazing.. I haven't been to byron since schoolies haha but I think everyone raves about the top shop? Have fun!! xxxx