Monday, December 10, 2012

The Crepe & Coffee Co

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A few months ago I took some product photos for The Crepe & Coffee Co, a lovely little cafe in Redfern, Sydney. To take 100+ photos, all in my mid-semester break, seemed like a really daunting task at first and thinking back the whole week that I spent there still seems like a bit of a blur. A really delicious, coffee and fresh juice-fueled blur. It's right near Redfern station, the staff are all really friendly and they really do do a mean crepe. My picks: the salmon or nutmeg butter (add banana) crepes, chorizo breakfast hotpot and some of the best coffee I've had (big call) - a really great Columbian single origin roast.

The Crepe & Coffee Co.
60 Regent Street Redfern, Sydney, Australia 2016