Sunday, January 27, 2013

Europe calling

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The lead-up to this trip has felt like so long. I've been on holidays (well, no uni anyway) for three months and I am so ready to go. First up is Berlin/ Potsdam, one of my favourite places in the world. While I'm there I'll be visiting Hamburg for a couple of days and hopefully Warsaw for a weekend. Then Austria for a semester - a little town in the alps, and lots of weekend trips to Zurich, Lake Constance, Interlaken, Salzburg, Munich, Milan... For Summer we're planning a cycling tour from Berlin to Copenhagen, then heading east to Istanbul, Greek islands, Albania and Romania.
What I really want from all this name-dropping are suggestions. What should I see, where should I eat, shop, jog? What are the must-sees off the beaten track and the must-avoids? (still trying to figure out which Greek islands to visit, deciding between Albania or Romania, deciding if Innsbruck is worth a visit....).
I'm excited for 2013.

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  1. eek don't go to Bucharest in Romania, the worst most bleak city ever. But Brasov was cute.