Sunday, January 6, 2013


The Bank Cafe
67 Molesworth St, Lismore
Anywhere that is set in a historic 1930's building, has a shelf stacked full of Monocle magazines with menu that can rival any inner-city cafe's, is good with me.

IMG_9885 IMG_9879IMG_9860IMG_9856
The Top Shop
65 Carlyle Street, Byron Bay
The best haloumi burger I think I'll ever taste, perfect New Year's Day food. Thanks Rachel for the inspiration to come here.

Today, 10 years ago, my family and I moved to Australia. At the time, it was a difficult move - away from our family, friends, culture and (seeming) security of jobs and a home. Looking over these photos of my recent holiday in Australia though, I truly am thankful for this beautiful country and all the opportunities I've been given here.
I really loved Lismore and its surrounds in northern New South Whales. Everything was so beautiful and lush - a stark change coming from a week in dry, hot Melbourne. I've always considered myself a city girl but I can definitely imagine living a year or so somewhere around Lismore or Byron Bay, perhaps something to think about once I finish my degree...

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