Monday, February 18, 2013


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I don't know whether it's because Saturday nights here run well into the next morning and involve a lot of beer, or because all shops come to a stand-still on Sundays and they have nothing better to do, but Germans do breakfast exceptionally well. Thanks to my Instagram feed consisting 80% of Germans living in Berlin and Sandra Juto's excellent Berlin Guide, I knew that on this visit I had to go for breakfast at Cafe Fleury. Colourful plates presented with just the right amount of kitsch, hearty, fresh (bread still warm from the oven!),  varied - this was a real brunch, one that you knew would definitely last you till dinner and provides you with enough energy to brave a -7 degree day at Mauerpark flea market.

Cafe Fleury
20 Weinbergsweg
Berlin Mitte

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