Friday, March 8, 2013


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Sometimes it takes longer to settle in somewhere. I like to think of myself as an easygoing and adaptable person, but deep, deep down I know I'm not. I was feeling down when I took these photos two weeks ago, a definite low-point and anti-climax to this anticipated semester abroad. I was surrounded by so much beauty and was constantly reminded  of how lucky and privileged I am, but inexplicably felt sad.
Luckily things have changed so much since then - I really wasn't expecting to feel homesick - and I am loving it here now. The European lifestyle - buying fresh bread bread from the bakery every day, shopping at the fantastic markets, riding my bike to university, having my own apartment in an international student house (it sometimes feels like I'm living in the sequel of my all-time favourite film L'auberge Espagnole), the view from my classroom of the mountains, the amazing beer, skiing, weekend trips to Germany, jogging to Switzerland... eeek I'm lucky. I have settled in and will post more often from now on.


  1. beautiful to read that! I wish that you'll have a continuous happy time in this part of our planet.

    Andy (remember Potsdam?)

  2. l'auberge espagnol!!! I'm about to watch it now, how fortuitous. I'm glad that you are feeling better, I wish I could meet you for muesli and hear all about it... sometimes you do just feel sad, for absolutely no reason at all. that's the human in you! but you are also constantly searching for beauty and happiness and that warm, cosy feeling that can only be called "being settled". That's also the human in you. Enjoy yourself and balance out the two in real life at the foot of the mountains, knowing that we're all so jealous of you!