Monday, July 1, 2013


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Some time ago I spent a long weekend in Vienna. I'd been there for a day once before and wasn't so impressed then, but decided to give it another chance. Despite raining most of the time, I'm so glad I went. We stayed in a great old apartment found on (how good is that site?!) with high ceilings and walls full of vinyls (from Finnish punk to South American 'hits'). I loved having Viennese coffee and cake each afternoon, taking our time walking through the Albertina (definitely secured a spot as one of my top 5 favourite galleries), walking through the Naschmarkt markets and Schoenbrunn palace gardens. Vienna felt like a mix of Berlin and Paris (if that's even possible).


  1. This really sounds like a great experience. Discovering the beauty of a city is truly wonderful.

  2. It looks like a perfect weekend to me! i went to Vienna such a long time ago, i don't even remember it but i wish i could visit it again...some day soon maybe!

  3. Thanks for bringing back the special memories I hold of visiting Vienna. The Schoenbrun Palace was amazing. I still can picture the white horses pulling glistening carriages through the cobbled streets. Ah...thanks for refreshing those wonderful memories.

  4. Vienna was the place I loved the most out of my eurotrip... I was so surprised but I fell in love instantly. I would definitely love to go back in Summer when it is isn't covered in snow, but the snow made it all the more magical. Go back later in the year! Did you go to the hotel daniel for breakfast?

    oh and ps.. we are so in tune. the albertina was one of my favourite galleries, I even did a post on it on CTC about how much I loved it. Small galleries are the best.


    ps. i miss you but you are having the best time so I can't be too sad! can't wait to hear all about it when you're back!