Friday, September 30, 2011


With working as an assistant for the cookbook shoot these holidays (still loving it- have I mentioned that?) I haven't really had any time to do uni work, apart from shaky train trips. During these commutes I've been drawing & redrawing some letters for a typography assignment for which we have to design our own display font. Sounds like a lot less work than it actually is, trust me.
I started with doing a typeface inspired by Ikea catalogues (I only have a slight obsession) but quickly realised how bad it really is by the less-than-enthusiastic reactions I was getting ( " could work..."). It eventually evolved into something more inspired by Bauhaus architecture (note: not actual Bauhaus ideologies -ie. circle, triangle, square- I know it's been overdone). Pretty happy with the direction it's taking, still have to draw and work on a lot of letters (not to mention numerals and signs) before even considering rendering it on Illustrator. I must say I like the un-filled in characters more but in the words of my lecturer, "all outlined letters look sexy as hell" and I've got to make sure they work filled in as well.
Here's to a long weekend of catching up on two weeks' worth of assignments...

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