Thursday, October 13, 2011


Taken on a Nikon D90...FOR THE LAST TIME!

Look what's arrived! The irony of not actually using my new camera to take these photos isn't lost on me, don't worry. I can now give my brother his Nikon D90 back that I've been sneakily using/ guessing how to use and learn how to properly photograph using my very own Canon!
It's surprisingly light- which is a nice surprise as I'm steadily killing my back by daily bike commutes with ridiculously heavy uni bags (on a side note, how good was Ride to Work Day yesterday?! So good to see so many cyclists in Sydney, even if my local area's bike presence is still pretty dismal & limited to older males in too tight neon lycra) (will dedicate a future post to all things cycling because these brackets are getting too long).
The cookbook shoot is wrapping up tomorrow. How sad! It was such a great experience/ learning experience. And taste bud experience. Tried THE most delicious strawberry, basil & peppercorn ice cream today- who would have thought?! It's like summer in a bowl/on a cone. Get the book when it comes out if only for this recipe (but it won't be because all the other recipes are equally delicious).
Photos with the new camera to come soon!

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